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Friday, March 9, 2012

Search terms to find this blog

So far this month, my top search terms are:

  • key and peele dungeons and dragons
  • key & peele roleplaying
  • key and peele roleplaying
  • kobolde toon porn

Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that Key & Peele are kobolds.

Stop smirking.


  1. Yeah, checking search terms that led to my blog has brought up some strange results over the last year. Oddly, DS9 porn kept cropping up... Cthulhu only knows why. I think kobolde toon porn beat that on sheer perculiarity though.

    1. Do you ever wonder how long they trawled your posts, trying to figure out where the porn was hidden?

    2. So... just out of curiosity... where is it hidden?

      TELL ME.

    3. I'd like to think anyone looking for DS9 porn spent hours and went away unsatisfied, hehe.

  2. Out of curiosity, I searched for "kobolde toon porn" on Google and you're the first hit in the list.



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