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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awesome Tool: Dicenomicon

Don't care about dice probabilities?  Just want to pick up a few dozen d20s and see what happens?

Dicenomicon is the dice rolling program for iOS devices like the iPad and the iPhone.  I have been using it for a while now and it is the only software dice program I would happily use as a GM at the gaming table.  I have used it quite a bit for fast-playtesting of mechanics and mock combats in Phoenix RPG, and it has never let me down.

I got a 54, woohoo!

Here are some of my favorite features.

First, when I roll, the dice actually roll.  Not in a cheesy superficial way - they really feel like they roll.  It's a small thing, I mean, really it's just another RNG, but feeling like the dice actually roll makes it seem like I'm playing a game and not just clicking buttons.  Even though I'm just clicking buttons.  Feel me?

It also adds up the roll.  For the math-deprived.  You know who you are.

I can roll obtuse and geometrically improbable dice, like a d9.

I can roll fistfuls of dice.  Especially on the iPad.  Dozens and dozens.  And dozens.

Most importantly, the dice are customizable.  In Phoenix, all dice explode except for d2, d3, and d%.  (Yes - that includes character creation rolls.)  This app runs exploding dice in truly spectacular fashion.  I simply program dice with nomenclature like d*6 and d*10 - the * signifies that the die explodes - and then I give it a spot on my quick-bar.  I can also setup combinations, like 3d*6 for character creation and 2d*10 for mortal ability checks.

When a die rolls maximum, it really explodes - shooting across the screen at a high rate like some lightning imp flicked it out of spite.  When done exploding, the final die face will show with a floating asterisk for each explosion (so if it explodes twice, two asterisks will be floating around it).

Sometimes I just sit around and pop exploding dice rolls for a little bit, for no reason except to see the dice explode.  Yea, it's that cool.

This is only the tip of the Dicenomiconberg.  It supports game systems like FUDGE, Ars Magica, DC Hero, MEGS, and more.  Customizations include zero-based dice, different colors and textures on the dice, different types of explosions, reducers (take the highest/lowest X), counts, logical expressions, variable expressions, and more.  You can compile these into macros for complex logic flows.

If you have an iOS device, and like to play with dice, then get this app.  If you don't have an iOS device, ....   why the hell not?  You some kind of communist?

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