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Monday, March 26, 2012

Awesome Historic Creatures: Tonals

Previously in our Immortals adventures, we've encountered the mercenary d20 and the hungry copy machine. Now it's time for the really loud radio!

A Guide to Office Geography

  Tonals have physical forms very similar to bubbles of light.  These forms vary in size and color according to each tonal's status.  The color varies during communication, but the size is constant.  The diameter of a tonal is 1 foot per Hit Die (note: they start at 28 HD).  A breve, semibreve, or minim is pale in color, ranging from nearly pure white to pinkish yellow.  Crotchets, quavers, and semi-quavers are darker colored, ranging from deep blue to brown or black.

  A tonal's form collapses when its hit points reach zero.  Its flimsy outer skin may be gathered and compressed to form a small object similar to a sling stone.  This may then be used as a weapon, for it explodes on impact and releases one final blast of a strength and size equal to the original tonal's.

    - Frank Mentzer, Dungeon Master's Guide to Immortals, 1986

OK, so the sling stone bit is kinda fun.  Also fun:

  Most Immortals know of and avoid conflict with the Lawful tonals.  However, the wild and often evil atonals are considered fair game.

I wonder what kind of music the author considered wild, evil, and atonal?  I'd say D&D players are already well-known for listening to some fairly atonal music.


  1. "I wonder what kind of music the author considered wild, evil, and atonal?"
    Clearly Christian rock. I suppose these days it would be Justin Beiber.


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