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Monday, July 16, 2012

Awesome Tool: Geomorph Dungeon Generator

I thought I had experienced most of the online random dungeon generators, but I should have known better.

Recently, I ran across Dizzy Dragon's dungeon generator, which uses geomorphs.  The results are pretty nice - here's an example.

(Click to Enlarge)
There's also a wilderness map generator that uses 1e rules:

(Click to Enlarge)
These are pretty good implementations.  Probably my only complaint with the dungeon maps - which I am more likely to use than the wilderness maps - is that I can't right-click-save-picture-as, because each geomorph is a separate picture.  My workaround is the simple print-screen-paste-in-paint trick, but having a single image file would add value to the program.

Still, it's one of the better geomorph programs out there.  The size can be randomized to create smaller or larger dungeons, and the dungeon maps come with some sample room descriptions to help get people started with population ideas.

Link:  http://www.dizzydragon.net/adventuregenerator/gen


  1. One of things that puts me off creating my own dungeons is the time it takes. I know a lot of people get a kick out doing just that, but for me it just seems like a chore. Nice to know that the next time I rock a fantasy style game there's help for lazy GMs like me.

    been thinking about how to help out other GMs who either don't have the time, or just want a quicker way of doing stuff a lot at the moment. Just posted the first of what will almost certainly be many blogs about how to do just that.


    1. I think time-saving is important to most of us... I love designing big stuff (hey, I'm trying to make a whole ruleset), but jobs and families and such force us to prioritize our time.

      Those without families or regular jobs may have more time :)

  2. Without contents I recommend Dave's Mapper.

  3. Very awesome link -- thanks for sharing it!

  4. Hey Mr. Blue,
    Try printing to PDF (something like CutePDF), gif/jpg/png directory (something like Virtual Image Printer driver) or XPS (Microsoft XPS print driver defaults with Win7). Might give you a better result than "print-screen".

    1. I use Adobe CS6 (acrobat, indesign, photoshop, illustrator, etc) - so PDF exports aren't a problem. However, it doesn't really solve the problem.

      While the rest of the page is interesting, it's not particularly useful for my campaigns - all I want is the map itself. So either way I'm stuck re-exporting something, whether from an alt-prtscreen or from a PDF import.

      I do understand that it is more challenging to consolidate graphics on a web page so I am not speaking ill of the page creator that has done an otherwise great job. Just mentioning it as a wish-list feature :)

  5. I found a kind of good but maticulous work a round for you so that you can get a single picture.
    I simply open word and highlighted and pasted the map and the description from Dizzy Map generator on a page. The formating and spacing went a little wonky and it seemed to paste it as a strangely formated table. So I cut and pasted all of the individual graphics out of the table onto a new page and then joined them all using the group image fuction in word. It gives me one graphic that I can size and alter and print easily. It didn't work in paint or the other graphic programs I have....

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