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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Manor #2

The Manor #2 is on sale now and I have a copy.

Doubles as a visual aid!

Here are some prospective awards for this issue, courtesy Cobalt Kobold Awards.  The prize is Death Metal - a block of blue metal that slowly kills whoever touches it.  Just ignore the hungry look from that Kobold in the corner.

Best disclaimer:  p. 1, let the cheetos be mourned.
Best new rule:  p. 21, "Freezing your ass off rule".
Best new item:  tie between p. 20, "Halfling Ring of Marriage", and p. 24, the precariously teetering bottle of urine.
Best Haiku:  p.25.  Bonus commendation for use of the word "cockroaches".  The Kobold approves.  And is more hungry.
Best Art:  p.10, "Heelin Poshuns Cheep".  That seems trustworthy...
Best NPC:  p. 14, Samuel.  I really want to know what happens to his puppy.

Lots of good stuff in here for anyone running a game.  For $3.50 it can't be beat.  Check it out.  Remember to get the print version if you are cool like me.  Or a PDF if you are almost as cool as me.

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  1. Thanks for the review Mr. Blue. Love the rewards. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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