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Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman in Denver

As I've mentioned before, I live in the Denver area.  Many of you have probably heard now that there was a big shooting here at the midnight showing of Batman, and a lot of people died.  I and my friends and family are ok, but certainly many of us are the kind of folks that would go see a midnight showing for a popular movie like this.  That could have been us.

I can't truly imagine the feelings of the friends and family of those that were killed or seriously injured in the shooting.  Basically, the shooter is a fucking nut-case that specifically targeted and killed innocent people who had no idea who he was, and had never done him harm.  Truly, this depraved act is the very definition of evil.

My thoughts and best-wishes go out to those who are suffering because of this horrible person.


  1. I just heard about this, and my first thought was "Doesn't Mr. Blue & Babybat live in Colorado?". Thankfully this post put my mind at ease. Glad everyone there is okay.

  2. 1d3

    1. Near columbine. That area must have some weird mojo. Something in the water/air.
    2. His home was trapped and they used a camera on a 12 foot poll to search. Some techniques never get outdated.
    3. Weird that in the land of cowboys and handguns nobody else was packing. Maybe I'm just getting a skewed sense of the US from reading too much Lurking Rhythmically.

  3. Terribly tragic. It is sobering as you say, when you think that this could happen to any of us. It's hard not to think about the victims and their families.


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