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Saturday, October 27, 2012

2e Character Sheets

A long time ago - we're talking the 90's - I was running a 2nd edition D&D campaign with the skills & powers books.  What I affectionately call "2.5e".

Recently, I ran across some old files - blank character sheets I had created for the players to use.  I used to love working on such things, even though I wasn't all that good at it.

Main Page - 2.5e

I look at it now and find my font choices offensive, hate the kerning, etc...  but I'm still fond of them.  They took a huge amount of effort back then.  I even created a second page, specific to whatever class the players had.  I made a 2nd page for Paladins, Priests, Wizards, Thiefs, and even Psionicists...  no Fighter though.  Noone needed a second page for fighters back then.

I guess they look pretty good for Word documents.

Paladin Page - 2.5e
And, of course, there's a sheet for all the goodies a character might collect.  I even had blocks of space for different bags.  In case a thief came by in the night and stole one.  Or a character failed a fireball save....

Equipment Page - 2.5e

These documents were manufactured all the way back in Word 95.  Interesting trivia: Office 2010 blocks the opening of Word 95 documents!  I had to go and change some settings just to load them up.  Then I converted them all to PDFs, in their wholesome fiber-filled natural organic glory, and posted them up to share with all of you.

Download Here! [zip of individual PDFs] (right-click, save-as)
Download Here! [Unified PDF]


  1. That sure looks like a complicated game. Glad I got into D&D during the 4E phase. :-)

    1. Appearances can be decieving :)
      Some optional rules are added on there as well, D&d 2nd was in some ways actually easier then 3.x or 4th.

      If anything it didn't require a character generator to make a character that is anything beyond a level 3 or 4.
      Generally was a bit faster to make a character.

  2. Nice work; makes my life a little easier!

  3. I don't suppose this is still available. The links are dead, but then again, I suppose it has been a few years lol.

  4. Yeah, a new, good link would be great. Starting a 2nd edition game soon.


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