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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Awesome Historic Creature: The Jumper

These odd creatures were created by a former Hierarch of the Sphere of Time, who granted them some characteristics of Initiates for their own protection.  They thrived and spread quickly, and are now common sights on the Outer and Astral planes.  When each new Immortal of Time gains a Home Plane, a flock of these creatures (3-24, each with 11-18 Hit Dice) soon arrive to seek employment.  If none are hired, they may retaliate as a group by stealing something.

    - Frank Mentzer, Dungeon Master's Guide to Immortals, 1986

These creatures attack 12 times per round, each of which ages the target 10-40 years with no save, and they heal themselves by pushing gods around in time.

Jumpers appear in groups of 1-8.  That's up to 96 attacks, or 3,840 years of aging, per round.  But don't worry, one or two might miss.

... Ready to roll Initiative?

(use that dead Jumper you've been carrying around)


  1. I have a theory that there was once a contest to come up with the most outrageous and unplayable monsters you could think of.
    If this didn't win it would be a close runner up.

    And if you ever throw one of these at the party, I think my character will have to get her hair done that day...

  2. No thanks, Etog had enough problems with goblins.

  3. Actually, I really like them! Never seen or head of them before, but that is the kind of just plain odd extra-dimensional creature I think should exist in the outer planes. Totally alien and strange. Fantastic!

    1. Glad I could surprise you - they are definitely unusual, extra-dimensional creatures!

  4. Best part is, they show up looking for work. Who wouldn't hire these guys?

    Although I wonder what kind of salary they command. Maybe you need to feed them d4s.

    1. Wouldn't that be like eating their young?

    2. Well, if they grow from d4s into d6s into d8s and so on, there would be more variations. I figure the d4s are like the snack sized version of themselves that they prey on.

      They'd get along well with Modrons, perhaps.

    3. Modrons rock. I always wanted to play a rogue modron, but never had a DM that would let me. :(

    4. There is a fun rogue modron in Planescape: Torment, a completely awesome video game.


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