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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today is ANZAC Day.

It's worth remembering every so often that the only reason we get to sit around and talk about games all day is because of real heroes who gave their lives in real adventures.

Never Forget.

American-Australian Camaraderie


  1. What a nice surprise to see this on an American blog, as an Aussie and an ex-soldier I thank you Mr. Blue.

    1. I am a US Veteran, and when I lived in Australia I found the ceremonies on ANZAC Day to be very powerful and emotional.

      The War Memorial in Canberra is amongst the best of its kind - worldwide - in my humble opinion.

  2. You'd probably know then that Anzac Day is our most sacred day of the year, more so than Australia Day or Remembrance Day. Coincidentally, the photo I am using here as my avatar is me on Anzac day two years ago, about to head off for the march. The photo has been cropped and so my medals aren't visible.

    And yes, the Canberra War Memorial is a very special place.

    1. It's unfortunate that here in the USA we don't have a similar day. We do on paper, of course, but most Memorial Days are about lip service and department store sales.

    2. Ah Mr. Blue, but you guys have a level of patriotism that Australians can only boggle at. We're rather too apathetic and casual to be patriotic, unless sport is involved.


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