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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm the one that's Cool

The latest video from Felicia Day and the Guild crew. As gamers, I think most of us that went to high school in the US can probably relate.

I recently saw 21 Jumpstreet - a hilarious movie - and they made fun of how different high school is now than it used to be. I'm wondering if that is true?  Do kids in high school these days not experience the thrill of playing hide and seek with jocks, where the penalty for not hiding well enough is horrific teenage embarrassment?  Or worse?

And what is it like in other countries?  Is this a US phenomenon, or can gamers from other countries relate?

I never understood why this doesn't get treated like a big deal at most schools in the US, or at least didn't back in my day.  I'm a member of the Expel Bullies on First Offense;  Jail Bullies on Second Offense society.  Or would be, if such a thing existed.


  1. That toilet bowl was way to full. I think they have a plumbing issue. Doesn’t that kid know to hold your breath and keep your mouth closed? I don’t care if it has been flushed you really shouldn’t let toilet water in your mouth.

    1. Your advice has the eerie ring of experience...


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