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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend Playtest

This weekend is my first three-player playtest.  Of course I'm a little anxious about it (what if everything goes horribly?!) - but I'm also excited (what if it is awesome!?).  This session will focus on testing basic dungeon crawling mechanics, including fundamental combat and exploration.

A caravan crossing the desert? What could possibly go wrong?

The Adventure
I'm using a converted early-edition D&D module for this playtest.  I wanted to focus on mechanics, without having to worry about designing a good adventure at the same time.  Of course, I have a few Phoenix surprises thrown in...

The Roster
Three pregen player characters are in use for this playtest.

Jehovah, Elf Conquestor
Jehovah is an Elf, but grew up amongst humans after being orphaned.  Phoenix supports this sort of thing with a distinction between genetic and cultural traits for races.  He was physically adept and eventually became a gladiator at the local arena - a usually non-lethal arena that doesn't use roman-style slavery.  .... Usually.  He was never truly comfortable in the city, and eventually felt a bit of wanderlust.  He's taken on a job guarding a caravan that will cross the great desert, mostly so he can see what's on the other side.  He's heard it is an amazing coastal paradise.

Olt, Cyclopaean Elementalist
Let's just come out and say it - Olt isn't very bright.  He isn't completely stupid, but he's a little slow at times.  He makes up for this by being as stubborn as a pack mule (when he isn't eating them).  Somehow, this stubbornness paid off when he was exposed to elemental forces as a child and he managed to control them enough to survive.  Since then, he's learned more about harnessing their power.  Olt also loves wild animals, probably because they don't make fun of him, and has become quite good at interacting with them.  He's heard of a zoo in a distant coastal city and has joined a caravan heading that way.  Life is simple.

Komodo, Gnome Alchemist
Like all Gnomes, Komodo selected her name when she came of age.  She loves herbs and potions and is a proud member of the College of Herbalism.  Unlike the others, she isn't interested so much in the caravan's destination, but rather the great desert it crosses, because there are rumors of rare herbs in the desert.  She'll spend most of the trip wandering as much as possible when the caravan stops, in hopes of finding her own type of precious treasure.

Game on!

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