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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Musicals for Nerds

Today I saw Spamalot. Again.

It's my second time seeing it, and it's still fun. I would love to have seen it with the original cast, but I live pretty far from NYC!

Why can't there be more musicals for people with nerdy hobbies?

"Deep Blue Kasparov" - all the excitement of endless days of Kasparov and a computer playing chess together! Drama mounts when Kasparov thinks the computer is cheating. Who will win??

Songs include Alapin' my Sicilian and Less Slav, more Semi-Slav.

"The Collector" - One man's quest for the 1938 Action Comics #1, and social acceptance from women. He finds neither but eventually finds Action Comics #7, which everyone knows is total crap. A modern tragedy in musical format.

Songs include Why am I alone Again? and Batman would Totally Lose.

"Rubik!" - The shortest musical ever, lasting only about 10.36 seconds. We could only afford that one french dude. Lasts several hours when he's sick and a random audience member takes over.

Songs include Ready, Set, Done! and Intermissions are for Dorks.


OK, maybe I do understand why there aren't more musicals for nerds.


  1. I hope the rubik's musical only has snippets from the songs.

    Or are they the introduction and finale to the main event?

  2. I want to see Optimus Prime sing opera.

    1. It would have to be a "Jazz" opera, and of course a "Bumblebee" on stage with Optimus would be icing on the cake.


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