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Friday, March 15, 2013

Monstrarium: Creature Types

Creatures in Monstrarium generally fit into one of the following types:
  • Beast
  • Bug
  • Humanoid
  • Monster
  • Undead
  • Unreal
Some mechanics in the game make use of these classifications (such as a Monster Hunter's bonus when dealing with Monsters).

Bug or Monster? Depends on what it says...
photo credit: Denis Collette...!!! via photopin cc

Natural vs. Supernatural
A natural creature is born, has a non-infinite life expectancy, must eat, drink, and breathe, and does not require magic to exist.

Supernatural creatures, on the other hand, can violate these rules. They might be immortal, not require food, or simply be created through magic. They may have extraordinary immunities, such as being unaffected by fire, or weapons.

In order to be considered a beast, the creature must be natural, have low intelligence, act primarily on instinct, and have an internal skeletal structure. They do not have to exist in the real world, but should fit into the natural biomes of the fantasy world.

Examples: horses, pegasi, snakes, dinosaurs.

Bugs are natural creatures, similar to beasts, but with key differences. First and foremost, they have exoskeletons instead of internal skeletal structures. In large numbers, they also tend to have hive minds, although this is not a requirement. When in a hive mind, bugs can have higher intelligence than as individuals.

Examples: bees, spiders, scorpions.

Humanoids, unlike beasts and bugs, are fully self-aware. They also stand upright, have two arms and two legs, and one head. They are usually natural but can be supernatural.

Examples: humans, giants.

What is a monster? It’s anything that doesn’t fit into another classification. That might include self-aware bugs, werecreatures, giant floating eyeballs, treants, or anything else that defies ordinary comprehension. They are almost always supernatural.

An undead creature is a supernatural creature that has been brought back from the dead. It may or may not have its original intelligence, but it will not usually have gained intelligence from the ordeal. Undead can only be created through supernatural forces.

Examples: zombies, skeletons, ghosts.

The unreal are creatures that do not come from this reality. They usually have issues understanding the reality they now exist in, but also have advantages that don’t normally exist in this reality.
Unreal creatures are neither natural nor supernatural – they simply are.

Examples: demons, angels, faeries.


  1. Okay, so you know when you play a CRPG, and you come across a chest, and you're like, sweet, a chest! Maybe this will have something to replace my crappy dagger. And then you open it and it turns into a chest monster and fights you. And you're like, fuck! And then you kill it and it has like 2 gold in it. And you're like, God damn chests, and then every time you come across a chest you're like... is that a real chest or a monster? And the developers get in your head and you're like, but I can't pass up on it, it might be important. And so you go and get the chest, and it's a regular chest but only has like cloth. And you're like, oh well, at least it's not another chest monster. So my question is, what's a chest monster classified as?

    1. A monster.

      But the real question you should ask when faced with a monstrous chest, is whether or not they're natural.

    2. Definitely surgical enhancement...

    3. That would be a created one right?

    4. We refer to those as "supernatural".

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