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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stone Shell

The aspect of Earth contains many spells players would normally expect, like earthen walls and sculpt.  This is one of the more unusual spells, primarily defensive in nature, but I'm curious to see it in use.

Oh no!  Dangerous wizards!
photo credit: celebdu via photo pin cc

Stone Shell (Earth Support)
Mana    10
Duration    Encounter, Special

You summon a thick eggshell of stone around yourself, protecting against attacks.  You are invulnerable to Martial and Elements attacks while the shell remains intact.

The Stone Shell has Defenses against these attacks equal to WIL’ + Level, and absorbs up to 1d10/level damage.  When this damage is exceeded, the spell ends, and the shell crumbles to dust.

While in the shell, you cannot move from your current location, or use Martial or Elements abilities unless they affect only you.  Additionally, this spell blocks line of sight as would any boulder, and you cannot see or hear through it except for loud noises or knocking.


  1. Defensive? The mage within me is going crazy with ideas for this awesome spell!

    1. I can hardly wait to see the human catapult in action.


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