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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gnome of Fiery Doom

A player in my virtual campaign requested a spell along these lines for our playtest campaign.  I like to oblige good ideas.

photo credit: hddod via photo pin cc
Gnome of Fiery Doom (Fire Attack)
Difficulty    Hard
Mana    10
Attack    Ranged 10 + WIL’, Special
Damage    2d6 + WIL’ + Level
Duration    Encounter, Special

You summon a highly volatile, gnome-shaped ball of fire that chases down enemies and burns them.  It appears in any empty location adjacent to you, and each round on your action (including the first), you can move it up to WIL’, ignoring threatened zones.  If at any time they are adjacent to a living creature besides yourself, they will explode in a Burst 1.

The gnome is immune to Martial, Elements [Fire], Energy, and Holy attacks.  It otherwise has Elements Defense WIL’ + Level, and can take 5 points of damage per level before being destroyed.  If destroyed in this fashion, the gnome does not explode.

It cannot at any time be further from you than the range given; if this happens for any reason then the gnome immediately explodes.

No more than one Gnome of Fiery Doom spell can be active at once.
(It can be augmented for more damage or an extra gnome, at the cost of more mana.)


  1. Much more fun than Flaming Sphere, that's for sure.

  2. Hah that's awesome.

    I wonder if there's a way to make a Chaos Gnome that does more damage, but has a chance of going mad turning on you.

    1. I have some thoughts for this sort of spell mechanic, but I'm not sure if it belongs in the Mortal tier, or if it is better placed in the Heroic tier where more dangerous forces are at play.

  3. The only thing missing is the gnome's incessant chatter about life, the universe and everything whilst it is chasing you down.

    This is going to be my signature spell.

    1. You can roleplay any sort of chatter you want ;)


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