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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Got my copy of the new Starfinder Core Rulebook and... I am super excited to play! Trying to find a group of players in Seattle, surely that won't be too hard, right?

If you have interest in space adventures and think having a bit of meat on your gaming bones is ok, check it out: http://paizo.com/starfinder/

I like the ideas and mechanics evolutions from the prior 3.5 branch. Most of the rules engine is similar; however, there are some great updates - simplified attack of opportunity rules, no more "blender mode" 8-attack rounds where 6 of the attacks have almost no chance of hitting, and a more universal approach to spontaneous spellcasting.

My approach to the campaign setting will involve downplaying divine themes, making it more of a "Highway to Heaven" nod/grin approach than overt power. I also intend to downplay extraplanar themes. For instance, the "Abyss" in my campaign might be extragalactic space. Devils might be a specific grouping of aliens from a frightening, hellish solar system with an expansive military conquest. So on.

Overall I'm looking forward to trying this out, and I might even report on it a bit here! Happy gaming everyone!

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