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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Been doin' a bit of whittlin' lately.

photo credit: bf5man via photopin cc
Wood isn't my medium - rules are.

I've been busily reducing the Phoenix ruleset to its core engine, so that I can use it for a particular idea. I have a setting, theme, and "feel" in mind for some adventures, and it requires a fast-paced ruleset. So I'm chopping and mixing and blending and... suddenly I feel a bit hungry.

It's fun to do this, because Phoenix has a few things at its core that are really fun for me. Like initiative, exploding dice, and fast, single-action rounds. Much like a good stock, the flavors get super-yummy when reduced with a careful simmer.

Wow, I really am hungry. I'm gonna go take care of that. I'll have more on my new concept once it gets just a little farther along...

Also, I have a new issue of the Manor I need to get around to reading.

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