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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Manor #3: You Big Meanie

The Manor Issue #3 has been released, after a long cold winter, after a long cold autumn before that, and after most of a long cold summer before that.

It's time for another round of Cobalt Kobold Awards.

Starts with mean right at the cover.

This issue is stuffed with mean. And no, you crazy Aussies, I don't mean it that way.

Meanest Item: p. 14, the Gem of Undead Control. It seems like a great way to solve your local undead plague, except that it kills you when you hold it.

Meanest Location: p. 2, the Mine of Rot and Disease. Who mines for rot and disease? Mean people, that's who. Or crazy people. Like adventurers.

Meanest Class Feature: p. 23, and I quote, "Fire leaps from the holy symbol and consumes the monsters leaving only a small pile of ash." Ouch.

Meanest Adventure Hook: p. 19, When the Wheel Breaks. C'mon, we all know that herb is never gonna make it.

Meanest Joke: p. 19. It starts with a Jester getting eaten by trolls. Wait, is a Jester sort of like a Bard? Nevermind, he probably had it coming. Iambic Pentameter is a known catalyst for homicide.

Meanest Haiku: p. 16, Has anyone ever used "disgorged" in a haiku before??

Thanks for the big bucket of mean, Mr. Tim!


  1. I will take my mean bucket of mean awards and go have some mean BBQ. Thanks for the mean post.

  2. I can't comment on the issue because I'm never allowed to see them. Mr. Blue always hides them to use against me later...

  3. Aww BabyBat, maybe he''ll let you see them after he's done with his mean tricks.

  4. The troll joke is a good one.


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