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Thursday, February 2, 2012

How they apparently plan on fixing D&D for 5e

After reading articles like this post from Hack & Slash, I got curious about what WotC was really doing.  So, using ancient black hat kung fu techniques, and a bit of trash can digging, I have discovered the following code artifact.


  DELETE from [D&D]
  WHERE  version in (3, 3.5, 4)

  VALUES ('lol pwned u n00bs /spit')

  INSERT into [5e]
  FROM   [1e], [2e],
  WHERE  Profit > GodsCashFlow()
         and EnergyType != 'Radiant'
         and Monsters in ('Skeleton', 'Goblin')
  --       and FeatureQuality != 'Suck'
  --       and GamePlay != 'Slow'


As usual, they commented out the wrong lines and screwed up the syntax.  Plus their database architecture is total crap.

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