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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interference is back!

Well, as previously noted, I resolved my interference which gave me a lot of extra free time. But, while I had more time to play with toys, the downside was less money to spend on them!

So now I have new interference. The good news is that the new job is pretty awesome so far. The bad news is that I suck at being creative during the week since when I am working I usually feel quite drained when I get home.

BabyBat and I have been taking a lot of pictures lately, though, so I wanted to at least share this one. We both have Nikon cameras - a D80 and a D3200. If Nikon ever releases a new version of the 7000, I might pick that one up.

We took this picture right after our party's medusa turned the savage beast into stone, so don't worry - Safety First!



  1. Nice pic. My first thought was a drawn picture or painting... great effect.

  2. Too much interference is a bad thing. . . .


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