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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Honoring the Fallen

Have you ever honored a fallen comrade, companion, friend, or family member with a memorial in your game world?

Given my recent loss, I have been thinking about this a little bit.  I know some folks will probably feel like in-game memorials are sacrilege, but I think it can be an expression of sincere remembrance if done the right way.

What is the right way?  I have no idea.  I've done in-game memorials to fictional characters like previous PCs, and maybe to famous figures like Gygax or Roddenberry or even Ben Franklin, but I have rarely experienced such a close personal loss before.

If you will oblige me, here is another picture of Shadow (AKA Pooper, Gooblet, Piglet, and many other affectionate nicknames):

As you can see, she loved the snow.  I'm thinking about putting a solitary black obelisk in the snowy reaches of the uncivilized northern mountains.  Noone knows where it came from or why it was built, and the single block of indestructible material it is shaped from appears foreign to this world.  Tribal humanoids in the region refer to it as "the Shadow Obelisk", because once a year in the early autumn it releases a mysterious wisp of shadowy energy that floats quietly into the clouds before disappearing.

What do you think - sacrilege, or sincere remembrance?

Feel free to share stories of your own memorials in the comments, whether in-game or not.  Think of it as group therapy.


  1. My players did a little remembrance of the first PC to bite the big one in my campaign. It was entertaining and kind of touching.

    The next PC to die was set out to lure monsters into an ambush and no one mentioned him again. So I guess it wore off.

    No real-world people have been honored in my game, yet.

  2. I think that it could very easily be sincere.

    I've never thought of making a remembrance in a game/setting. It might be a good idea, depending on your players.

  3. I don't see how this could be considered sacrilege. If you're sincere, and it's meaningful to you, and it triggers fond memories, it's entirely appropriate.

    Put it this way - would Shadow enjoy romping through the snows of your campaign world?

  4. I'm thinking about getting her name tattoo'd. I miss her so much.

  5. My players never realized it, but an NPC in my long ago run Star Trek: TNG campaign was, in name and personality, a friend of mine that died too young. Mark, the friend, loved Star Trek, fishing and Iron Maiden. I played him as a bridge officer that was known for having a fishing holodeck program. He once flooded the bridge with Iron Maiden tunes. Both were things Mark definitely would have done in real life. My screen name, Kilsern, is also taken from a gaming friend of mine that sadly died too young. Many of my D&D characters have taken the surname Kilsern in his honor. Kilsern was the name of a character he ran in one of games way back in high school. None of it is silly. It is great way to honor/remember people.

  6. I think it would be great. Two things you care about and enjoy. Why wouldn't they go together. Seems like a great way to honor your little pooper.


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