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Monday, June 11, 2012

Awesome Tool: Adobe InDesign

Some of you might already be familiar with it.  For those that aren't, Adobe InDesign is the professional page layout tool.  I really enjoying using it.  My game copy - formerly in word documents - is slowly starting to look less like a word document.

I recently upgraded to version CS6 (from CS5) and there are some interesting differences.  Most of it seems to surround enhanced capabilities for eBooks on readers like the iPad and the Kindle.  I've been slowly learning about things like Liquid Layouts, but mostly I've been working on page layout for Phoenix.

For instance, here's a low-quality image export of a chapter heading page in the current draft.

While this example may not express the most interesting content, I have to say it is pretty exciting to see the layout taking shape and filling with content.  Of course, I'm sure I have quite a few edits ahead of me, even on deceptively simple pages like this.  Tweaking feathers and fighting with the flattener are my new hobbies.  And, honestly, watching windows play with the flattener is actually kind of amusing....

... and next time I have some extra cash, remind me to get a Mac for this sort of stuff.

If anyone else out there is using CS6, drop a line and let me know how you're doing with it so far.  Maybe we can trade amusing font manager stories.  My email address is on my profile.


  1. I've heard good things about InDesign, but it's always been pretty cost prohibitive (something like AU$1k if I recall). I haven't heard of people writing books in it, but it makes sense.

    It's also probably more structured for designers than people like me. I'll stick to readme.txt files and ASCII art.

    1. Right now you can get almost every adobe app (photoshop, indesign, illustrator, premiere, dreamweaver, muse, etc etc) for US$50 per month subscription.

      That's only, what, AU$150 per month? Gotta cover shipping, right?

  2. no you di-nt... MAC???? The forbidden word. Now you've gone and done it... flame away !!!

    Really, do you think a Mac will run Adobe products any better? come now... that old adage became a mute point when Apple started using Intel hardware. Its all psychological now. I haven't seen any study confirming this for years.

    If you get down to the nitty-gritty, you can save more money getting win-pc hardware and customize to get far superior graphics performance, hard drives, and displays.

    1. Eh. Macs still have some features surrounding color and font management that make life a little easier.

      Plus I can make iOS apps on them. I still like iPads and iPhones better than the alternatives.

  3. I think the page looks great, you gave it an old parchment feel which I like a lot.

  4. Hi, I like very much using InDesign, and I'm an instructor too. It's a very professional application, very different from the Word approach...


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