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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Phantom Interlude

I only had 3 players this weekend, so I created a side quest for them.  Since this is Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, I went ahead and made a crawler image in Adobe Illustrator.

Of course I had at least one person ask why I didn't animate it.  Sigh.  MAYBE NEXT TIME I WILL DAMMIT.

For the adventure itself I made myself a Scapple flow.  Scapple is one of my all time favorite programs for this sort of work because it's super-intuitive and I don't have to worry about the program - just what I'm putting in it.

Here's the adventure flow.

It was a little on the rails but I tried to at least give some options along the way. And the party, of course, made up a couple of new options (like trying to find an armory that had explosives in it) so I let them wander a bit as they desired. I stressed the dangers of wandering around too much on a star destroyer, even with their prototype holo-disguises.

All the prototypes were prone to fail when despairs were rolled. This really only happened once - the engines on the skiff froze up and they almost rammed the star destoyer at full speed before the party mechanic got it fixed.

I pre-built some of the encounters most likely to come up and threw the basic notes into a spreadsheet.

All in all we had a fun day, and as a reward IsoTech gave the party an engine upgrade for their regular ship!

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