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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stellar Badge

Felt like drawing today, so I made a badge for Stellar in Adobe Illustrator. I wouldn't go as far as to call it a logo, but maybe. Mostly I wanted some sort of identity look for now.

© 2014 Cobalt Kobold Publishing

There are 4 components here, layered from back to front. I started with an empty 200pt x 100pt artboard.

First is a big black rectangle that covers the artboard.

Second is a grunge vector pattern (all the little white dots), fully opaque.

Third is a lens flare, but with no rays and no path, and then I cmd-selected and deleted part of the central object so that only a 75pt "core" was left. Then I made that 25% opaque to fade it out.

Fourth is the text, which is 36pt Xolonium, yellow, 60% opaque, and has a radial 25pt zoom blur applied.

I messed around a lot making this and it still only took an hour or so. Except that Illustrator crashed, and Illustrator has no auto-save, so I ended up making it twice...

Oh well :)

EDIT: After my original post, I made some changes (which is now on the left hand side of the website). I basically made the text completely opaque and made it a different shade of yellow.

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