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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Clockhouse, Level 2

I decided to try and draw a map using Adobe Illustrator. I'm trying to improve my technical skills with that application.

This is the upper level of a house for an adventure I am working on.

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I tried to make it feel a bit hand-drawing, and it is still in-progress of course. It will be a long time (if ever) before I can make awesomely-rendered photoshop maps so this seems like a more reasonable goal for me.

Besides, I don't want map-making to take so much time that I can't work on the actual adventure!


  1. I like the map. It's got a nice feel to it.

  2. I like what you've done so far. Although, having used PS myself, and hand drawn maps, I'd have to say I (personally) find hand drawn to be quicker.

    One thing I would like to see is a key to everything on the map, so at a quick glance I would know exactly what everything is - only a thought.

    Great stuff so far, though :)


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