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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Creature: Rougarou

Like this, but with less vandalism.
photo credit: PixLjUicE23 via photopin cc
Many gamers are already familiar with the loup garou, which is basically a werewolf by most standards. The rougarou (pronounced roo ga-roo) is related in form, but not in function. They have the head of a wolf, but the body of a strong human. There is no shapechanging here - this is their one and only form.


Rougarou are excellent woodworkers, so grand carvings, master woodburns, and beautiful whittles mark their territory. They align themselves in packs, and are semi-nomadic, settling in an area for up to a year before moving on. They are evil, and enjoy the taste of human flesh. Sometimes they use their crafts to bait unaware humans into "trading"; such hopeful merchants are rarely seen again. Their woodworks are their weakness, though - they can't bear the thought of them being destroyed and will protect them mortally. Rougarou will gladly hunt those who steal from them to the ends of the world.


Natural Humanoid, Level 4
Attributes: dP d10   dM d6   dS d6
Hit Points: 4d8 [20]
Speed: 4
Defense: 6 (Mediocre Light Armor)
Primary: Axe (dP)
Secondary: Savage Bite (dP-1s)
Specialties: Woodcarver +1d, Tracker +1d
Treasure: 1d10 sp, dJ 1d8, random whittlins

If attacking an enemy adjacent to a Rougarou ally, they gain a +2s on Savage Bite attacks.

Other Systems

If using an OSR clone, treat "+1s" as a +1 on a d20 roll, and a "+1d" as a +4 bonus. In Monstrarium, these are increases to the size of the die and the number of dice, respectively. A dJ of 1d8 is about a 50% chance of a small gem/jewelry. dP/dM/dS are Physical, Mental, and Spiritual attributes - d6 is an average value. Speed 4 is average, and for Defense assume some form of leather armor with a minor natural armor bonus.


In Louisiana, Rougarou are a form of Loup-garou that will attack Catholics who fail to follow Lent. (In some stories, the best way to become a Loup-garou is to break Lent 7 years in a row.) They are also used to scare children to follow a variety of other behaviors. Much liberty was taken from that point :).


  1. When I first read this I thought you were talking about a werekangaroo.

    Maybe the topic of another post?

    1. Australia is ripe with basis for new monstrous creatures...


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