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Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Dice!

I got new dice!
d7, d14, d16, d18, d22
Of course, I couldn't just get one of each.

d7, d14, d14, d14, d14, d14...
These dice are from the Kickstarter I talked about back in August 2012. So yea, it took a while to get them, but I wasn't surprised by that. Happy to have them now!

One of the first things I noticed about playing with these dice is how easy it is to get confused about which die I'm picking up. It's easy to confuse a d12 with a d14 without a second glance; likewise, d18 and d22 are easy to confuse with a d20.

The d16, which previously existed (though I didn't have them in these numbers), is very easy to tell apart.

The d7 is just crazy and looks like a misprinted die, but I have to say it works real well. I need to come up with some excuse to use it. Maybe it can work with my Mini Manor to cause terror in players, since it just feels so wrong.


  1. Given that the D18 looks like the D20, I can imagine all kinds of mischief you can get up to swapping someone's D20 with a D18, and watching them never crit!

  2. Who needs a D18 not to crit :-( ... I do that quite successfully with D20's

    1. That's because the Australians are rolling right now.

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