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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nature's Miracle

Nature's Miracle is a magic item designed for Monstrarium, but easily convertable for other systems. Just assume +1s is a +1 in OSR-type games, and +1d is a +4 bonus. That will be close enough.

This weapon was created by an unusual blacksmith, in an adventure I'm working on.

It is a well made axe, with its grip bound in rabbit fur. It smells faintly of urine, and when it damages enemies, they smell like urine, too, for 1d4 hours. This makes them a lot easier to track for characters with any form of scent-based tracking (+1d).

Damage dP; +1s vs Undead; −2s vs Beasts.

photo credit: Carly & Art via photopin cc


  1. I wonder if the smell makes it easy for your enemies to track you as well.

    Also, what's its bonus vs hippies?

    1. There is never a bonus when it comes to hippies.


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