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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Hobbitssessess

I got Legos for Christmas.

My Precious!

This is a great set with lots of little detail, very fun to put together if you like Legos. And if you don't like Legos, please stop kidding yourself and go buy a box of them. I also got a smaller set with Gollum on a boat with the One Ring in some rocks - from the Riddle scene.

Next, Santa gave me and BabyBat some nerf guns with glow in the dark ammunition so you can pretty much imagine how the place looked after a few hours of that.

And, of course, what's Xmas without some cuff links? But not just any cuff links.

The Final Frontier!
Yep, we do Christmas in style. Anyone else have a good Xmas out there?

Happy Holidays!


  1. I used to have christmas like that . . .memories.

    Now the two little ones steal the show.

    I am giving them lots of duplo though so they get used to it before graduating to lego when they are older.

    1. Duplo is a great gateway drug to legos - keep up the good work!

  2. We had a Very Merry Lego/Mega Block Christmas. We have so much building going on, I went out and bought a bunch of plastic containers to help organize. So far, we've had Ninjago, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, and Dinosaurs built "oh my".

    Glad to see you had a good Christmas. My merry wishes reply text didn't go through, so "Merry Christmas" from the G family in Oz.

  3. Very cool presents. I especially like the cuff links. "What can I do to let the world know how much of a nerd I am, while still being in style."

    I got a portal companion cube plushy!


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