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Monday, December 31, 2012

Annual Review

Well, here we are, surviving 2012 despite the best efforts of prophecies, wars, raging lunatics, other lunatics that aren't politicians, and all the other things good stories are made of.

I started this blog at the end of January 2012 and now the year is over. It's not quite the end of a blogger's year but it still seems like a good time to look back. This is my 131st post for the year, far more than I thought would happen as I tentatively started out.

My most-read post this year was Unwritten Contracts of Gaming, primarily because a fellow blogger tossed it up on reddit. Thanks Shorty!

Also in the top 10 this year was another of my meta-rants, this one on Rule 00 - Don't be a Dick. I'm partial to that one as it was an early post, written in my second week, and I got to philosophize.

My most surprising entrant to the top 10 for 2012 was the playtest report, A Princess, a Dwarf, and a Gnome walk into a Mansion...  I didn't know so many folks were interested. The most commented-on post was Virtual Playtest, although that's just because Etoh kept rambling on about something or the other.

My least popular post this year? Mr. Blue's Tavern Chili. C'mon folks, you know you want a bowl.

The most common search term finding my blog this year was aurumvorax, so that's a fair indication you should use one in your next adventure. Next on the list were virgins and unicorns, so use those, too. What an adventure those three would make.

Finally, a shout out to my fellow bloggers who gave me lots of referral hits this year: Gothridge Manor, Dreams of Mythic Fantasy, and Dungeon Fantastic. You guys rock.

Here's hoping everyone has a New Year filled with fantastic adventures.

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  1. Well done Mr. Blue. That's a bloody lot of posts for a year.

    With regard to your posts:
    * A Princess, a Dwarf, and a Gnome walk into a Mansion: Lets not pretend. This was just about the boobs in the picture.

    * s Virtual Playtest: By ramblings I assume you mean deep insights, correct?

    * Mr. Blue's Tavern Chili: I read the post, but having no skill at cookery nor having tasted real chili before (at least, that's what all the Americans tell me), I didn't think I could comment on the topic.

    Keep up the posts, they're always an interesting read when I'm drunk on my homemade cabbage wine.

    1. Your insight is so deep that dwarves like to mine it.

      ... Yep, "yo mama" jokes for nerds.

  2. I'm still catching up on blogs I missed during the holidays. Have a great holiday. Keep up the great posts this year.


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