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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My 2nd Edition "Hot Sheet"

When I ran 2e, I had this three page doc with me much of the time to help me remember the things I needed.  It wasn't so much a DM Screen as it was a reminder sheet for improvisation - it had basic treasure tables, alignments of various elements, spells for each character level (so I could ad hoc a caster authentically), and a list of all the Priest spheres amongst other things.

It may or may not be useful for you but here it is in the original glory.

Download [pdf] (right-click, save as)

(Note: "Sn" means Sun - same as a GP but campaign specific at the time)

Now I'm off to Vegas for a few days.  Don't wait up :)

photo credit: LasVegasInside via photopin cc

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