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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dam Dwarves!

There's nothing like a huge construction project to make me think of Dwarves.  I recently visited the Hoover Dam.

Copyright ME!
It's huge and stone.  And it took some new engineering principles to accomplish - using contemporary techniques, the cement would have taken around 100 years to cool.  That was obviously unacceptable so the "Dwarves" that made this came up with the new idea of putting pipes in the cement and running some serious cooling through them.

It's also probably the only construction project in America that finished 2 years ahead of schedule!

What really made me think of the short stout fellows was the Memorial Bridge that faces the Dam.

Mere mortals surely cannot create such things!
This bridge was really awe-inspiring, in exactly the sort of way I think Dwarven architecture should feel.  It has grand, almost caricature-like dimensions, built upon improbable circumstances.  It's a giant solution to an questionable problem.  Truly, only a Dwarf would try to cross a river this way instead of just using a boat!

I'll find it useful to think of such scenes when I describe my next Dwarven Stronghold.

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