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Monday, May 7, 2012

Grek shall be King

Our anti-hero, Grek, is a diminutive kobold serving an ungrateful and forgettable chieftain.  Grek's clan is a leader in building traps and harassing miners.  He has led a lot of these projects and learned from it.

Grek is a little minion with big plans.  He doesn't want to harass small mining communities forever.  One day, he'd like to rule the whole kingdom.

Grek the Great.  That's what he will be called.

Grek's only real skill is in project management so he starts with that.

(The author being neck-deep in studies for his PMP Exam is completely coincidental)

Grek starts by contemplating his Project Charter.

Page from the spellbook of
Gantt the Psychotic


Overview of the Project

Grek wants to rule the kingdom.

Purpose of the Charter

This Project Charter outlines the purpose, objectives, and scope of the Grek the Great project.

Project Objective and Scope


The objective of this project is to recognize Grek as the complete and rightful king of these lands, in time for a coronation on his 15th birthday (he is turning 14 today so that gives us a year).


The scope of this project includes:
  • Making Grek the King.
  • Getting the people of the kingdom to recognize Grek as King.
  • Secure Grek's place as King so that noone can take it back from him.
  • Create any organizational structures necessary.

The scope of the project does not include:
  • Giving Grek's chieftain any power.  At all.
  • Making the people of the kingdom actually like Grek.
  • Worrying about anyone outside these lands recognizing Grek the Great.

Major Milestones

  • Grek's tribe accepts Grek as Grek the Great.
  • Grek has organizational structure in place.
  • Grek wears the crown.
  • Grek has an army.
  • Grek replaces King on throne.

Major Deliverables

  • Procurement of Army
  • Establishment of organizational structures
  • Crown
  • Throne
  • Big Birthday Party


  • Grek has friends that will help.
  • People of the kingdom are stupid.
  • Armies don't cost much.
  • The Crown will fit without resizing.
  • The current King has streamers somewhere for Grek's birthday party.


  • Grek's friends are stupid.
  • Grek doesn't have much money.
  • Kobolds outside of the mines have short life expectancies.

Need or Opportunity

Grek needs to be King so that he has the opportunity to be the most famous kobold of all.

Preliminary Cost Estimate

Grek has several silver pieces so that should cover everything.

Charter Acceptance and Authority



  1. This post seems too much like work to me, and gave me a headache.

  2. I am unsure how successful Grek will be with the optimistic set of assumptions he has made.

    No mention of foiling heroic plans or how to survive inevitable assassination attempts.

    Does Grek have sufficient worldly experience to successfully design the plan?

    1. Poor Grek. Noone has any faith in him...

    2. No one wants you till you have experience, but how do you get that experience in the first place?

  3. Seems simple enough. All we need to make this happen is a mage, a cleric, ...

    1. Perhaps some sort of Prophet would be useful?

    2. I wouldn't mind adding a gladiator.


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